Nico Marques’ training in architecture and years of experience as a residential designer have given him an edge in not only drawing out the subtleties of each design with his photographs, but also giving him a deeper understanding and respect for what it takes to turn an initial sketch on a post-it note or ‘cocktail napkin’ into a three-dimensional physical structure.

From an early age, architecture, art and photography captivated Nico’s interest. Growing up in Portugal and Germany, he recalls receiving his first camera for St. Nicholas Day when he was five years old. He proceeded to try and take underwater photos in the tub (with consequences quite surprising to him at the time), but even then did not stop after a slight bit of controversy.

After completing his Masters degree in architecture from SciARC in Los Angeles as well as having worked as a designer and project manager for several prominent national and international architecture firms, Nico began coordinating and overseeing photo shoots for his company. When one unsupervised photography session was deemed insufficient, Nico was asked to travel to the high profile location to supplement the initial shoot with his own photography. His work hit the mark and thus began his internationally recognized architectural photography career, with the Nico Marques Architectural Photography brand established shortly thereafter.

Nico collaborates with thought leaders of the architectural profession, successfully photographing projects by EYRC Architects, Chu Gooding Architects, Kevin Daly Architects, Gensler, and young practitioners such as Urban Operations, Modal Design and Heyday Partnership, among others. Nico Marques’ images have been displayed at museum galleries throughout the world, garnering ongoing media attention. Select works were part of recent shows at the Museum Of Contemporary Art, MOCA (“A New Sculpturalism; Contemporary Architecture from Southern California”) and the Architecture + Design Museum’s “Never Built Los Angeles”. His photographs are primarily known for exploring the interaction between the built environment and its permanent or temporary inhabitants and its surroundings.

Over the last couple of years alone, Nico’s work has appeared in many prestigious domestic and international industry trade and consumer lifestyle publications including Architectural Review, Architects Newspaper, Architectural Record, Interiors Korea, Los Angeles Times, Luxury Home Design_Australia and Trends. Nico has also photographed for numerous design awards including Masonry Institute Design Awards and LABC Architectural Awards, as well as esteemed private art collections.

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